Skype Session

Session with System Angel Cards

A session with Mary Zapti's systemic angel cards is a unique experience. 65 cards that reveal with love solutions and show you the way which is for the greater good of all. The cards unfold their positive vibrations and high frequencies during each session.


A session begins with the connection to your guardian angel, because our guardian angel is the one who knows everything about us and only wants our greater good. He cooperates and receives help from all the archangels, angels, and celestial powers needed to find the right solution to the matter that concerns the person.


What the angels reveal to you at the session:

  • The causes of the problems that affect you.
  • They show systemic entanglements and help you to free yourself from them with devotion, respect and reconciliation.
  • They help you with decisions you have to make.
  • They show you which angels are close to you to guide and assist you in your topics


In which areas are angel sessions helpful?

  • Family
  • Partnership
  • Professional and financial questions.
  • Health
  • What is your vocation?
  • Which are your special talents?
  • What are the important lessons for you in recurring difficulties?

(Only a few topics are mentioned: a multitude of other topics can be viewed as the angels can answer all questions)


If you would like to enjoy a session with the Systemic Angel Cards, then I am more than happy to hear from you .