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I am Nafsika

Miracle Coach

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I love to explore hidden parts of the soul and bring them to the surface. For me, change is a growth process that offers endless opportunities to live our lives to the full.

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Gain clarity, become confident and unfold your full potential by freeing yourself from what weighs you down.

If you are ready for this, I am happy to support and accompany you together with the angels.

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Mirto Papadimitriou

Sports manager

"I am very grateful for all the experiences I have had with Nafsika over the years. She has helped me to explore, accept and love my inner self. She brought light into the "dark" corners and helped me to live a freer and happier life, towards my dreams."
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Regina Reinhardt

Intercultural consultant

"As an empathetic and highly sensitive person, I really enjoy working with Nafsika.
On the one hand it is an energetic cleansing and on the other hand an energy-enhancing process while at the same time developing my inner world."
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Elena Chatzi


"Each session with Nafsika is unique. She embraces every situation with the necessary seriousness, respect and above all, she meets it with love.  She led me to understand what is behind my problem and gently guided me to the solution. "

Your soul

knows the way to happiness


i am ready for change

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That's why I'm booking right now

my free initial consultation

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What to expect in a personal session

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Miracle Coaching







Each of us has "blind spots" that obscure our view,
when it comes to your own problems. In a personal session there are 3 important elements that make the coaching an experience that brings you closer to your true self and thus to the realization of your wishes.


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